Life is a funny thing…

My intention was to write an entry to this blog every week and after my last post I was quite excited about the fact that we were becoming veggie for a month and I was going to post a yummy beetroot tarte tatin recipe (which I will post soon as it is SOOO yummy).

However, an awfully sobering thing happened.  A lovely friend of mine had his house burn to the ground.  Luckily he, his partner, his daughter and their dog all got out okay but had the painful and shocking experience of watching their beloved house and all their belongings just disappear.  They lost everything apart from what they were wearing but thankfully they all survived.

So as you can imagine posting about beetroot tarte tatin just seemed frothy and completely insignificant.

There is however a happy ending… My lovely friend proposed to his beautiful lady and they are now getting’ hitched, tying the knot, jumping the broom – whatever you want to call it – but it will be a loud, joyous celebration.  The phoenix out of the ashes.


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