Unleashing the creative beast…

It seems that every six months or so I announce the rebirth of this blog.  It drives me nuts!  I enjoy the writing and the thought of it but I don’t seem to be able to do it regularly!

A challenge fell in my inbox from Scott Dinsmore this week.  If you haven’t heard of him he’s the founder of a community called Live your own Legend – he is one of those inspirational people who actually put himself out there and made a career from doing the things he loves, and through his work is encouraging others to do the same – check out his TEDx talk here.

SO here I am…AGAIN – life at present is pregnant with change for me and my family.  I’m rolling with it, revelling in it and finding new joys in things I’ve not thought I could do.  I spent my last Saturday evening painting – Me?!  (and I loved it).

The creative beast has been unleashed and I am finding that the more I allow it freedom the happier I am.



Look at the Stars...














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